June 13, 2024

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Onesimus wins over Nigeria with Controller

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By Zaks

Onesimus brand visibility is slowly getting huge in Nigeria after Rudeboy of the P Square duo posted a lady vibing to ‘Controller’ on his TikTok last Tuesday.

This is a very big achievement for the African Butter considering the genre he does [Afrobeat] originated from Nigeria.

Other quarters from Nigeria especially ladies have been twisted arm to join the ‘Controller’ TikTok Challenge enabling the song to go viral.

In a space of a week since its premiere, over 30,000 TikTokers have embraced an interest in the song whilst, on YouTube 700, 000 people have viewed the visualizer.

For the second time, through ‘Controller’ Onesmus has Indeed proved his claims of being a Malawian international star as last month his ‘Green Light, Red Light’ song was featured in the South African Netflix series ‘Blood & Water’.

Meanwhile, his switch from Gospel music has facilitated greener pasture in emerging on the international market as his secular music is also making good strides on Spotify and other digital platforms.

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