June 13, 2024

Malawi bulletin

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By Nganati Wa Nganati

The Concerned Citizens of Malawi are calling for inquiry into the activities of Finance Minister, Hon Chithyola Banda, and his daughter, Regina, amidst suspicions of their involvement in what seems to be the country’s fresh corruption scandal.

Rise in wealth of the Finance Minister’s 24-year-old daughter, reportedly flaunting ownership of 20 luxurious cars, has raised eyebrows, prompting calls for the Anti-Corruption Bureau to intervene and conduct a thorough investigation.

The Concerned Citizens group finds it alarming to witness Hon Banda’s daughter exhibiting such opulence while many Malawians are in deep economic challenges, struggling to meet basic needs like food.

In a statement signed by Publicity Secretary Queen Kapalamula and Chairperson Edwin Kambanje, the group also accused ministers within the Tonse government of engaging in a competition to outshine each other donating ‘millions and millions’  to functions they are invited to.

The group emphasized the importance of holding Cabinet Ministers and their families to the highest standards of transparency and accountability.

Concluding their statement, The Malawi Concerned Citizens urged the Anti-Corruption Bureau, police, and other relevant institutions to audit public figures who have experienced sudden wealth accumulation.

The group cautioned that without such investigations, Malawians will question the moral and legitimate grounds of those entrusted to govern.

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