By Amina Tepani Daudi

In Mangochi, a suspected notorious criminal known only as Allen M’bwana has been shot to death by police after he wounded a police officer while resisting arrest in the wee early hours of March 17, 2024, in Makawa.

According to police records, M’bwana, an ex-convict, was also a well-known habitual criminal and had been wanted by police in Mangochi and Liwonde in connection with a series of break-ins in the mentioned areas.

Reportedly, officers from Makokola Police raided his house following a tip from community members. After knocking on his door, M’bwana took time to open it and later emerged with breaking equipment. He immediately threw a homemade iron spear, which wounded one officer on the right arm, causing him to fall down and bleed profusely before M’bwana fled the scene.

This prompted the team to shoot in the air, but one stray bullet landed on M’bwana’s right leg, causing him to collapse.

Both were rushed to Mangochi District Hospital, where the officer is being treated, while M’bwana succumbed to his injuries due to loss of blood.

Meanwhile, the body of the deceased, rumored to be from the Ngokwe area in Machinga district, is being kept at the Mangochi District Hospital mortuary.

Police are appealing to the public to notify the nearest police station if the particulars of the deceased person match those of a familiar individual.

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