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Malawi and Mozambique have asked communities of Makanjira in Mangochi, Malawi and their neighbors of Chala in Mozambique to live as brothers and sisters, and exercise patience over boundary issues between the two nations. 

This follows disagreements that happened in December 2023 between the two communities over boundary issues, as Malawians were denied access to a land they have been cultivating for ages.

Speaking on Saturday during the boundary reaffirmation meeting in the area, organized by the Ministry of Lands where delegates from Malawi and Mozambique were in attendance, Malawi’s Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bernard Sande said dialogue is the only solution to resolve challenges affecting communities in Makanjira.

Sande said differences over nationality should not make the two communities enemies but instead, to love one another as they are one through intermarriages, and they all come from the same continent of Africa.

“As Malawi Government, we are greatly concerned with the disputes in Makanjira, because the impact is not only to the community but also to us nationally. Malawians and Mozambicans are one people, therefore we believe that they should always use dialogue to come up with a solution,” Sande said.

He further said the administration of President Lazarus Chakwera is in good relationship with the Government of Mozambique, hence there is need for such mutual relationship to go down to the grassroots.

“Our President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera is aware of the significance of having a good relationship with our sister countries, and that is why he sent us to come and hear the grievances of communities on the ground and to clarify some issues concerning our boundaries,” he added.

In his remarks, Mozambican Ambassador to Malawi, Jose Maria Zita concurred with Sande, saying that Malawians and Mozambicans are one, as they share the same culture, food and even some tribes.

Zita therefore urged chiefs in the two countries to be in the forefront promoting peace and engaging in dialogue when disputes arise.

“Malawi and Mozambique have had a strong relationship for many years. As leaders we are happy when our people interact together in peace. This should continue, and let us always live as one with common goals to develop our countries,” said Zita.

Senior Group Makanjira, who spoke on behalf of his Senior Chief said they are committed to ensure that the two communities resolve their issues and start to live a normal life as before.

“I will sit down with my subordinates, as well as members of the community to brainstorm over the issue. Our farms are in Mozambique where we cultivate various crops and people from Chala Village seek medical services from our health facilities here in Malawi, hence we are all important to one another, ” said Senior Group Makanjira.

Meanwhile, delegates from the two countries have agreed to continue with the dialogue meetings in the next two weeks in order to find a lasting solution to the challenges in Makanjira.

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