By Amina Tepani Daudi

Mangochi Police Station, led by Officer In-charge Mr. Morgan Dzonzi, Assistant Commissioner of Police recently participated in a fundraising aerobic session organized by Mangochi District Hospital.

The two-hour event which took place on January 15, 2024 at Mangochi Municipal Hall aimed to support the Physiotherapy Department.

Ten police officers, including the OC, paid participation fee of K3,000 each and the station donated K100,000 to address equipment shortages in the department.

Dzonzi emphasized the importance of police involvement, stating, “We found it prudent to contribute significantly to raise funds, as we may never know who will be in need of physiotherapy next.”

In-charge of the physiotherapy department, Mrs. Alinafe Chisalunda Kusate, thanked the police for their commitment beyond security duties.

The trainers Mr. Muhammad Ajussah and Yusuf Nguli commended the police and participants, encouraging continued exercise for well-being.

Ajussah donated three gym equipment pieces and expressed gratitude to various stakeholders for their support.

The event also featured health sector members sharing tips on preventing diseases like diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure.

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