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Muvi wa Chilungamo which started on social media sometime back in 2016 became a pressure group in 2021 has now become a new political party in Malawi and after collecting its Certificate of Compliance from the National Planning Commission (NPC) will hold its first press conference in Blantyre.

MRP has become the first and only political party in Malawi that has complied and received a Certificate of Compliance, assuring all Malawians that the certificate will be collected from the offices of National Planning Commission (NPC) in January, 2024.

President of Muvi wa Chilungamo Revolutionary Party (MRP) Bantu Saunders Jumah, said at its first press conference in Blantyre, MRP will officially introduce itself to patriotic Malawians that it is now a political party.

Jumah said this day will be a day to announce a calendar of activities the Revolution will be undertaking across the country and to all Malawians that a Revolution that they were expecting has come in Malawi and it will revolutionalize Malawi.
He said when MRP gets into government in 2025, Malawi will be the first country in SADC region to adopt the configuration or African federation proposal that Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and other countries in West Africa are initiated.

The MRP President said MRP is a Pan-African Party saying its flag is an African flag showing gold, red and green encouraging those Malawians who have been waiting for this good news about registration of MRP as a political party, this is the time.

“As a party of all Malawians, we appeal to you all to contribute in kind, material and finances so that the press conference in Blantyre as well as our launching, becomes a successful event,” said Jumah.

He said now is the time, Muvi wa Chilungamo Revolutionary Party (MRP) is ready, it has offices at Phekani Building opposite Chibisa House in Blantyre advising patriotic Malawians to call its Secretary General Bishop Greyson Mikuwa in Malawi on 0999462772 and 0888897476 or direct office line on +265888897476 advising all that the Secretary General will welcome and discuss with them.

Jumah said Muvi wa Chilungamo is expecting much generosity as much as they can, assuring Malawians that Muvi wa Chilungamo is a Revolutionary Party, they did not get into politics because they need money but they have seen the need for liberation of the country.

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