Jan 3, 2024
letter of acceptance

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential hopeful, Kondwani Nankhumwa, and top officials, Cecilia Chazama and Grizelder Jeffrery, say they have welcomed the supreme court’s decision, dismissing their claim to be reinstated in their duly elected positions at a 2018 political convention.

A statement from Nankhumwa, made available to Malawi bulletin, reads in part, “While we may not agree with the outcome, we accept the ruling in the spirit of upholding the rule of law.”

It further reads, “Currently, I am actively engaging in consultations with various stakeholders. In due course, I will share my strategic political direction and the next steps in my journey.”

letter of acceptance

Nankhumwa, Jeffrey, Chazama, and Zomba Chisi legislator Mark Botomani have since been summoned to a disciplinary hearing at Golden Peakock in Lilongwe on Thursday morning.

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