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Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) fourth president Enoch Chihana, says Malawi needs a federal system of government for it to develop easily.

He was speaking yesterday at Rumphi boma during a rally his party organized.

Chihana said the current government is failing to tick because the system is faulty.

Commenting on the Affordable Input Program, Chihana said he would introduce a Loan Input Program where farmers would be put into groups.

He said with such a programme, Malawi would be able to produce an average of 8 million tonnes of maize per year.

Chihana also disclosed that they are expecting to hold an elective convention between April and May this year.

He said currently, preparations are still underway as the party is still undergoing restructuring. Chihana said he will contest at the convention, hinting that if someone wants to take over the party, the person has to demonstrate maturity, experience, economic independence and leadership skills.

AFORD is a political party in Malawi that marked its history as laying the foundation for multi-party rule in Malawi. It began as an underground political movement during the Kamuzu Banda era and later evolved to a political party during the multi-party era under the leadership of trade union activist, Chakufwa Chihana.

The party has a stronghold in the northern region.

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