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By Nganati

Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Chithyola has told parliament that most of the foreign trips by President Dr Chakwera are fully funded by organizations that invite him.

Soon after presenting a ministerial statement in the House on economic remedies that the government has outlined to cushion Malawians in the face of the exchange rate re alignment, Leader of Opposition in Parliament Kondwani Nankhumwa asked the government to cut off presidential trips as a cost cutting measure.

“Most of the trips by the president are not financed using public funds,” Chithyola explained to the House.

Chithyola emphasized that the country’s economy is in its current state because of gross economic mistakes by the previous DPP administration.

He said the previous regime kept over valuing the Kwacha but the current administration led by President Chakwera is giving it the right dose that it deserves.

The Chakwera led administration on Monday unveiled a number of economic interventions to help ease out the pain of Malawians from the impact brought about by the devaluation.

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