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By Nganati

Drama is still happening in Malawi as we continue to hear sad stories and events happening in Malawi, one such is of late John Tembo’s funeral, the country’s hero sleeping in unpaid casket, one month after John Zenus Ungapake Tembo was laid to rest. The family of John Tembo would have managed a dignified casket without any outstanding bills.

In other words, we can say that MCP buried Tembo without a casket yet this is the man who did a lot for Congress for baby years.

There’s one question that lingers in my mind at this juncture: Was it necessary for the State to take over family funeral programs as we have such disturbing news? This tells me a story that a person is truly loved and cared by his family and not the political parties for which we may choose to work for.

People outside your family are not your family and will indeed break our hearts considering what they choose to pay back. You work so hard for your political party but in the end, the government steals money for the casket. How can you explain Malawi Congress Party loved John Tembo?

MK85 Million Condolence Funds Stolen
Are you surprised fellow Malawians that the Malawi Congress Party is so cruel and heartless that they can steal K85 million condolence funds meant for their political legend? Now imagine this was a lot of family, what would have happened? This explains why the government is always interested in declaring state funerals so that they drain money from the contributions.

When high-ranking cabinet ministers are involved in stealing condolence funds and meat meant for the funeral, isn’t that witchcraft in broad daylight? Yes it is, it is witchcraft at its highest level and a very annoying and embarrassing situation even to the nation at large. I mean, what moral lesson are we drawing from all this? It’s very embarrassing!

Fingers Point At Chimwendo and Ching’anamuno
I have always said some pastors are the worst devils on earth because they always love stealing from the church and the poor. Can someone prove me wrong on this one? We have a pastor President running the most crooked government and a pastor cabinet Minister embarrassing himself, his family, and the entire government with barbaric stealing.

Then the pastor President keeps quiet most of the time, he cannot reprimand, discipline, demote, fire his ministers, or make a strong speech against such behavior. Would you ask what this means? Of course not, this is straightforward team theft.

Some pastors are the most unjust creatures who will stop at nothing to loot. Honourable Chimwendo Banda is a pastor but his name is mentioned in this scandal and this is not the first time. The conduct of Chimwendo is contrary to a pastor as many believers would like to expect.

A cabinet Minister is expected to be a law-abiding citizen who is loyal to his country and the people – they take the oath of office.

The position of cabinet Minister is not as cheap as someone who steals money and food at a funeral. Ministers are people who are honorable, dependable, and trustworthy not ” nthata za njala” ( the hungry ticks).

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is demonstrating that they are here to destroy even John ZU Tembo’s grave.

They have stolen cash and livestock donated during the state funeral and many people are disappointed.

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