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By Nganati

Malawi Parliament Speaker Catherine Gotani Hara has lost the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) President she got 61 votes against 303 votes cast.

In the election in Angola, the Speaker of the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania, Tulia Ackson was elected as the 31st president of the IPU.

Ackson won the election with 172 votes out of the 303 votes that were cast while Malawi’s Speaker Gotani Hara became las with 61 votes.

Some 700 parliamentarians from 130 countries were in Luanda for the IPU meeting held from October 23 to 27.

Hara submitted her candidature files to the IPU Secretary General on June 15, 2023.

“I am committed, Sir, once elected to the position, to serve the citizens represented in all the countries at the IPU and contribute to the growth of the Organization and prosperity and peaceful coexistence among the countries of all Member Parliaments,” she wrote in her letter supporting the submission.

Gotani Hara had to travel to 10 countries for the campaign within four months using hard-earned taxpayers’ money including Cameroon, Spain, Uruguay, India, Uganda, Ghana, Morocco, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

She is currently in Angola.

Established in 1889 as a small group of parliamentarians dedicated to promoting peace through parliamentary diplomacy and dialogue, IPU has grown into a global organization of more than 180 members.

The IPU facilitates parliamentary diplomacy and empowers parliaments and parliamentarians to promote peace, democracy, and sustainable development around the world.

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