A 2-year-old girl, identified as Ketrina Kamowa, has died in a fierce fire that gutted a tea room owned by her mother while she was cooking “masanje” with her two elder sisters aged 4 and 6.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of October 25, 2023 at Busiri Village in Traditional Authority Chowe, in the Mangochi District.

According to police investigations, the mother of the deceased operates a tea room and shop, which had a thatched grass roof. On that fateful day, the three sisters including the deceased, were both cooking “masanje” behind the shop.

As a result, the fire ignited the thatched grass part, which quickly spread to the tea room and the shop. In an attempt to save some items, the mother, along with some courageous well-wishers, entered the shop. Tragically, little Ketrina followed them inside, where she became trapped, suffered severe burns, and died on the spot.

The incident was reported to Mangochi Police Station, who rushed to the scene alongside a medical practitioner from Mangochi District Hospital. An examination of the body revealed that the cause of death was severe burns.

Meanwhile, Police in the district are urging parents and guardians not to leave young children unattended, emphasizing the importance of providing parental care, guidance, and close supervision.

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