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President Chakwera continues to misuse taxpayers’ money through petty trips, and tours amid Malawi’s poor economy.

Since assuming power in June 2020, the pastor has made about 42 foreign trips whose benefits are known to himself and the entire Tonse Alliance administration.

Reverend Chakwera has traveled also all corners of the country presiding over petty functions, and events to which he could delegate his deputy and cabinet ministers.

Due to his appetite for tours, Chakwera has always attend to any invitation without remorse as to what cost Malawians are paying for these trips, and tours.

On Tuesday, October 24, 2023, Chakwera had to fly about seven cabinet ministers to Likoma Island with praises from Malawi Congress Party (MCP) cadres for making a historic visit to the Island.

The reverend went to Likoma to open a health center in the name of the commemoration of the 2023 National Community Health Day with a massive entourage of government officials.

Here are some of the cabinet ministers who traveled to Likoma with Chakwera:

1. Minister of Health Khumibize Chaponda

2. Minister of Homeland Security Zikhale Ng’oma

3. Minister of Local Government Chimwendo Banda

4. Minister of Defence Harry Mkanadawire

5. Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola

6. Minister of Tourism Vera Kamutukule

7. Minister of Public Works Jacob Hara.

Not only that but also the entire Capital Hill leadership, army police, and MCP cadres including Secretary General Mkaka

For externals to visit Likoma Likoma which has a population of 15,000, requires one to use a flight or boat.

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