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The man Behind Tumbocid hit son Gwaladi is in a cooler after assaulting his wife, Joe Gwaladi has been entertaining Malawians with his hits for a decade and last week the musician was feared dead while other were saying he has gone mad but today the artist was arrested.

Phalombe Police Station publicist Jimmy Kapanja has told malawi bulletin in an interview that Gwaladi was arrested last night by the police in Mulomba area in the district after he allegedly assaulted his wife.

However, according to Kapanja, Gwaladi is yet to appear in court and that will be done after all processes have been finalised by the police.

“He is being kept at Mulomba Police unit, as the police we are finalising all the processes before we take the next step,” he said.

Kapanja did not reveal charges which the police are likely to level against the street performer and he said if everything is done he will be formally charged.

Ndikanadziwa sindikanapanga hit maker is known for his talent of composing songs and performing them instantly on the stage. He is also dubbed as a street performer as he performs in the streets while selling his songs in memory cards and CDs.

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