malawi bulletindeath of Thomas Chibade

2023 has been a bad month for the family of musicians in Malawi, after the death of Atohti manje we thought Malawi will rest but again tears are out, with the death of Thomas Chibade the Awa ndiwo mau anga hit maker.

In the after hours of 18 October the sad news came in of the death of Thomas Chibade, who at the time of his death was 37 years,

The heartbreaking news was confirmed by Moses Bramoz Kapito, an executive member of the Musicians Union of Malawi, and Dalitso Sato, the manager of Mudzi Band, an ensemble Chibade had recently collaborated with.

It is reported that the ‘Mawu anga’ hit maker passed on at Kamuzu Central Hospital where he was receiving medical help after suffering from Malaria.

Musician Gibo Pearson has confirmed in a Facebook post, saying he contacted Chibade to organise shows this weekend but the ‘Zatukusira’ hitmaker said he had just been discharged from hospital.

In the afternoon, his wife informed Pearson that Chibade had been taken back to hospital and was receiving treatment.

According to Pearson, it was around 7PM when Chibade’s wife informed him that the musician has died. However, additional information about his passing has not been disclosed by his immediate family members.

Chibade came into limelight in the year 2004 when Ralph Ching’amba took him as his manager and producer, under Ralph Ching’amba Chibade became the house hold name to many because of his songs. Some of his most beloved albums include “Zatukusira” and “Batchala,” featuring hits like “Bwelera kunyumba,” “Usanyoze Osauka,” and “mau anga.”

Thomas Chibade hailed from Nasawa in the area of Senior Chief Chikowi, Zomba and until his death he was staying at Mgona in Lilongwe.

May His Soul Rest in Peace.

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