By Amina Tepani Daudi

Police in Mangochi have apprehended five men in connection with a series of stolen cellphones during the recent concluded Sand Music Festival held in the district.

The incidents occurred from Friday, September 29, to October 1, 2023, at Sunbird Nkopola.

The suspects have been identified as Edward Austin, 35; Cidreck Chilembwe, 23; Yusuf Stambuli, 26; Aron Phiri, 24; and Yamikani Moffat, 25.

It is alleged that these five individuals, who reside in Lilongwe, used a Blue Toyota Corolla Saloon and posed as guests at one of the resthouses within the township. They left their motor vehicle at the premises and commuted to the event with the sole intention of stealing cellphones.

According to police records, a number of cellphones were reported stolen during the event, prompting the police to launch an investigation which led to the arrest of the first three suspects, who later disclosed information about their accomplices.

Coincidentally, on Monday morning, the owner of the resthouse where the five suspects had stayed reported to the police after he had become suspicious when the suspects did not return for days, and it was later discovered that the motor vehicle belonged to the suspects.

Upon searching the room they had booked, the police recovered 20 cellphones, including three iPhones, four Samsung phones, two Redmi phones, six Tecno phones, one Huawei, one Honor cellphone, Tnm mpamba phone, and two small Itel cellphones.

The five suspects have confessed to committing the offence, and investigations are ongoing to recover the remaining cellphones.

In the meantime, the Police in the district are advising those who reported about their cellphones being stolen at the said event to visit the police station to identify and reclaim their property.

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