By Amina Tepani Daudi

Police in Mangochi District are urging festivalgoers to adhere to safety guidelines when visiting the lakeshore area for the upcoming Sand Music Festival.

The festival is scheduled to take place from Friday, September 28, to October 1, 2023, at Sunbird Nkopola in Mangochi.

The public is reminded to prioritize road safety measures, including refraining from driving under the influence of alcohol, wearing seatbelts, avoiding over-speeding, exceeding vehicle capacity, and using roadworthy vehicles to prevent accidents.

Due to high water levels in Lake Malawi, celebrants are encouraged to wear life jackets, abstain from swimming while intoxicated, and avoid swimming during odd hours to prevent drowning incidents.

Resort owners are reminded not to allow intoxicated individuals into the water and to provide stewards (rescue teams) for immediate assistance.

Hotel and lodge owners are requested to maintain guest records to prevent criminals from posing as clients during the event.

The public is assured of safety and security during their stay in the district, as the Police are implementing intensive day and night patrols, sweeping exercises, border patrols, and snap roadblocks to deter criminal activities.

Traffic police officers are diligently enforcing traffic laws on all roads in the district, and road users are urged to comply with lawful orders given by traffic police.

Furthermore, the public is being cautioned that no one should violate the rights of others, and those found breaking the law will face appropriate consequences.

The Sand Music Festival, an annual event, aims to bring together local and international artists to celebrate music and promote tourism in the country.

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