Opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) national executive committee member Dausi has expressed ignorance of his dismissal from the opposition party.

In a statement released on Sunday and signed by DPP spokesperson Shadric Namalomba, DPP said Dausi was fired following a recommendation from the party’s disciplinary committee.

The statement added that the decision by the Central Executive Committee which found him guilty of misconduct contrary to the DPP’s constitution.

“Hon. Dausi ceases to be the party’s member of Parliament and its publicity secretary,” reads the communication in part.

Dausi who is also Mwanza central lawmaker however said he was hearing from media that has been fired from the party

He hinted that his reaction will only come when he gets the official communication.

“What? I am hearing it from you. I will only comment if I am officially communicated to. Thank you,” he said.

Put to Namalomba that Dausi was ignorant of the party’s decision, the DPP spokesperson insisted that Dausi was communicated to.

Dausi was recently seen at a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) rally in Mwanza.

But the communication from DPP does not mention the actual misconduct on the part of Dausi.

Dausi was previously a long-time member of the MCP before he joined DPP where he held positions both in the party as spokesperson and Cabinet minister.

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