Malawi Police have arrested activist Bon Kalindo for attempting to go ahead with demonstrations which are aimed at demanding President Lazarus Chakwera to step down.

Kalindo was at Lilongwe District Council offices today following the council’s decision to block Kalindo and other activists from holding demonstrations.

Lilongwe District Commissioner Lawford Palani said in a letter we have seen that the council had been advised by Lingadzi Police Station to block the demonstration because the protest leaders had not addressed police’s concerns.

However, Kalindo’s grouping obtained a court order against the council’s decision allowing it to go ahead with the demonstrations

One of the organisers of the protests, Redson Munlo, said Kalindo was arrested when he went to the council offices to deliver the court order.

He added that the activist has since been taken to Police Headquarters at Area 30.

“The police told Kalindo that he has been defying bail conditions hence his arrest,” Munlo said.

Kalindo was also arrested in December 2021 for remarks which he made during anti-government demonstrations in Mangochi.

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