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By Judgement katika

The Democratic Progressive Party -DPP has criticized the incompetent MCP government for failing to combat the economic crisis that the country is facing arguing that it is too late for them.

Msaka said Chakwera must trim his club of advisors and the Cabinet ministers.

Why should Malawians keep Chakwera at state house when he cannot feed them? Msaka asked!!

Kabambe said Chakwera is running an impotent monetary policy.

Navitcha said hospitals now are death traps ,the government has stopped providing meals to the patients and guardians.

Patients now are told to buy drugs from Pharmacies because there are no drugs.

Hon Namalomba said corruption is at state house , is in the SPC office, and at the capital hill and no one has ever been arrested.

This government will kill Malawians with hunger as 4.4 Malawians are facing shortage of food on Namalomba.

More Malawians have lost their jobs especially from media fraternity because over 3 media houses have been closed ,example Rainbow, and Multi choice Malawi. Namalomba

This government must go now!!!!

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