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Minister of Homeland Security Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma has announced the second cohort for voluntary repatriation of refugees, with about 117 refugees to be repatriated on the 15th of September, 2023.

The announcement follows the repatriation of other 38 Rwandan refugees in June this year.

Speaking on Thursday after meeting officials from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Ng’oma said his ministry is working closely with UNHCR on the matter, adding that UNHCR will provide funds and other related assistance for the same.

Ng’oma further expressed optimism that the figures for refugees to be repatriated voluntarily will continue to grow considering that more refugees are interested to go back to their countries.

The minister further disclosed that his ministry has notified their home countries about the arrangement.

He has since attributed the delay to facilitate the repatriation to funding constraints.

“Am so proud that now people are able to understand the importance of rules and regulations of a particular country because a refugee is someone who comes in ones country due to problems, in fact it is a good thing because these people will integrate with their relatives in their respective countries and start a normal life,” Ng’oma explained.

Meanwhile, Ng’oma has said that UNHCR has committed 80 million USD for the establishment of the new refugee camp at Kayilizi in Senior Chief Mwenewenya in Chitipa district.

Additionally, UNHCR has committed 50,000 US dollars towards review of the Refugees Act of 1989.

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