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By Judgement katika

Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda has said the adverse effects of climate change are increasingly and negatively impacting peoples’ health and well-being, not only the environment.

Kandodo Chiponda made the remarks during opening of regional workshop on health for delegates from Africa, Europe and other Environmental and Health organisations.

The main objective of the workshop is resolute on how to deal with climate change in relation to health issues which is aimed at uniting diverse African stakeholders to drive policy changes and build resilient health systems.

Kandodo Chiponda expressed the need for African countries to unite if the problems of climate change impacts on health to be addressed.

“Let us have a common position as Africa, we are all pushing the 2063 agenda which is being championed by African Union. We need to strive by 2063 as should move from where we are and be more productive and more resilient,” the Minister said.

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