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In a bid to reduce car-breaking cases, Mangochi Police, through the Community Policing Department, conducted road shows on August 10, 2023, in various locations including Soko, Mpondas, Mgundaphiri, Kalonga, Mtalimanja, and Misi Katema to raise awareness among Mangochi residents about the rising cases of theft from motor vehicles.

Police records indicate that six such cases were reported in the first half of 2023, compared to only two during the same period last year. Of these six cases, two have already been concluded in court, resulting in jail terms for the offenders.

Speaking to the gathering, the Station’s Community Policing Coordinator Inspector James Kumbikano warned businesspersons to avoid buying motor vehicle spare parts from black market saying it fuels the malpractice.

“I urge you to buy spare parts from authorized and legit companies for you to be on the safe side. We have been receiving a lot of complaints of breakings into the motor vehicles whereby the assailants take away batteries, fuel Injectors, radiators, mirrors and many more” Kumbikano highlighted.

He also stated that buying stolen property is a criminal offence hence warned people that they will not be spared once found with stolen items.

Speaking to the same gathering, Sub lnspector lsaac Chikasanda urged Kabaza operators to stop the tendency of harboring criminals. He urged the audience to work hand in hand with the Police.

Kabaza operators were also urged to check and observe their customers before taking them to their destinations. Chikasanda however encouraged them either to report or tip the police once they come across any suspicious dealings.

Dalitso Dickson, a Kabaza operator at Soko rank applauded police for the awareness citing that the message will not only protect property but also the lives of operators.

He added that, due to financial constraints they force themselves to work during odd hours and when such criminals approach them with huge deals they are easily give in. He therefore assured the police that from now onwards they will work hand in hand for the betterment of the citizenry.

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