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By: Atibu Witness

The Mangochi Police Station, through its Victim Support Unit, has intensified mobile victim support counseling targeting victims of Cyclone Freddy who were staying at the camps, especially in remote areas.

The project, funded by the UNICEF organization, aims to provide emotional support to members of the public who are in need of police services but live far away from police formations.

Speaking on Sunday, August 6, 2023, at Chiutula village under Traditional Authority Jalasi in Mangochi District, the Station’s Victim Support Officer, Inspector Gift Karot, highlighted that, according to the station’s records, Mangochi Police have registered more cases of land disputes, suicides, and child abuses. However, she alluded that some of the malpractices are being committed due to lack of knowledge, hence organized mobile victim support units to raise awareness among the public.

She also advised the communities to make use of their community leaders and courts of law when it comes to land disputes.

Concurring with her, Sergeant Constance Patel said the Mobile Victim Support Unit is also aimed at improving child protection, justice, and stopping violence against children and women.

“The impact of the rise in suicide cases has been highly underestimated and needs serious attention in our country. According to the MPS 2023 bi-annual records, police have already registered 256 suicide cases from January to June, of which 226 are males and 30 are females,” Patel added.

Patel hence encouraged men to stop suffering in silence whenever they face challenges in life, including financial constraints, chronic illness, and marital problems, which he mentioned as some of the contributing factors to suicide.

Group Village Headman Chiutula applauded both organizations for the project and urged the police to conduct such encounters frequently in his area so that his people would benefit and learn more from it.

However, GVH Chiutula requested the police to equip community policing members with working materials to make their job easier.

Before the meeting, community members were given the opportunity for one-on-one counseling sessions and complaint resolutions with the police team.

So far, the station has reached out to various areas, including Chowe, Fowo, Lungwena, Mbaluku, and Mtuwa, and the project is still ongoing.

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