Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Security gives a nod to Kayilizi Camp

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Parliamentary committee on defence and security was today in Chitipa, visiting the proposed site for a new refugee camp at GVH Kayilizi in Senior Chief Mwenewenya in the district.

Speaking after the visit, Chair for the Committee Ralph Jooma said his committee was impressed with the land as it was bigger than Dzaleka and was close to the border unlike Dzaleka which was in the interior of the country, thereby raising security concerns.

Jooma further said he was happy that the chiefs and people of Kayilizi had welcomed the development, saying the coming of the camp would also fast track development in such areas as education, health services, trade and road infrastructure.

In his remarks, GVH Kayilizi dismissed rumours of resistance by his subjects.

“My people have welcomed the project wholeheartedly. Actually this is a very rural area, it would have taken ages for us to reach urbanization. But with the coming of the camp, we stand to benefit in all sectors,” said Kayilizi.

Government decided to close Dzaleka and find a new site close to the northern borders of the country as one way of improving refugee management.

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