In a bid to maintain the declining record of road accidents in the district, the Mangochi Police Station, through its traffic department, has launched intensive awareness campaigns targeting both Kabaza motorcycle and bicycle operators.

The initiative was rolled out on the morning of Friday, July 28, 2023, at the Malawi Revenue Authority and M’baluku Kabaza ranks, where 40 operators participated.

During the meeting, Traffic Sub-Inspector Emmanuel Kalyolyo urged the Kabaza operators to strictly adhere to traffic rules at all times.

Kalyolyo advised the operators to wear crash helmets, reflective jackets, insure and register their motorcycles, obtain riding licenses, avoid carrying more than one pillion passenger, and practice safe riding to prevent accidents.

“We are always on the road to ensure that all road safety measures are followed. Thus, I urge you to wear clothes that can be seen by other road users, such as reflective jackets, during both day and night. Also, refrain from riding/cycling while drunk to ensure your safety at all times,” Kalyolyo added.

Concurring with this, Traffic Sergeant Angella Mndala warned the operators to refrain from operating their businesses during odd hours and also to remain vigilant, as some criminals pretend to be customers with the intention of robbing or harming them.

Speaking on behalf of other operators at the MRA rank, Amidu John applauded the police for their efforts. He assured the officers that they would take the message seriously and would pass it on to others who were not present.

However, John requested the police to extend the same message to motorists as well.

According to police statistics, road accidents have decreased from 69 in the first half of 2022 to 54 during the same period this year.

However, police records indicate that a significant percentage of road accidents in the district involve Kabaza operators, hence the need for this awareness campaign.

Meanwhile, the Station assures the community of continued engagement to reduce accidents in the district.

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