By Rodger Williams (ApLight)

On July 19, 2023 Mangochi Police PRO lnspector Amina Tepani Daudi was privileged to be invited at Martha Clara Primary Catholic School to attend end of 3rd term closing ceremony as a guest of honor.

Speaking to the gathering which included parents, Daudi warned the parents to refrain from shunning away their responsibilities on their children.

She added that every child has a right to education hence encouraged the learners to work hard in order to become responsible citizens.

“Pay attention and safeguard your children, it’s a long holiday and don’t just allow them loitering around especially girl-children to avoid being molested” she added.

In her remarks the Headteacher Mrs Patricia Suwedi commended Daudi for sparing her busy schedule. She also applauded her and entire Mangochi Police management for the audience during career tour at the station few months ago.

During the ceremony the learners showcased various activities including drama, poems, career presentation and choirs.

Daudi also donated 10 boxes of chalk, dusters and one rim of plain papers.

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