By Amina Tepani Daudi

Police at Makanjira in Mangochi district are searching for 31-year-old Gift Howa for allegedly murdering his 25-year old wife Mary Baleti, burying her in their matrimonial house in Ching’anda Village, Traditional Authority Lulanga.

According to reports, a funeral ceremony took place in Mpamila village on Independence Day, where Mary Baleti(deceased) was notably absent. Concerned villagers questioned Howa about his wife’s whereabouts, to which he falsely claimed that he had sent her to her home village in Nsanje district.

The villagers grew suspicious considering her activeness and requested that he call his wife to confirm her location. However, he pleaded to be allowed to return home first and pack his carpentry tools, citing fears of theft. He promised to return, but instead, he fled the village.

The villagers became even more suspicious few days later after discovering Howa’s sudden departure and reported the matter to Lulanga Police Unit who instantly went to the suspect’s house and found it locked.

They forcibly entered and discovered bloodstains, leading them to uncover the buried body of Mary Baleti in one of the rooms. She had suffered severe cut wounds.

Meanwhile, the couple’s 2-month-old child is missing and feared dead.

The motive behind the murder is currently unknown. However, according to villagers, Howa had a history of physically abusing his wife whenever she was seen talking to other men in the village. Once caught, he will answer charges of murder.

Furthermore, Police are appealing to the public for any information that may lead to his arrest.

Howa hails from Mpamila Village, Traditional Authority Lulanga in Mangochi district.

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