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As one way of empowering his community members, Member of Parliament for Ntcheu Central Constituency Albert Mbawala has donated K8.8 million to cooperatives and Milk bulking group as the commitment fee for them to access a grant from Agriculture Commercialisation of Malawi (AGCOM).Mbawala donates 3.4 million towards cooperatives and 5.4 million towards Milk Bulking Group in line with AGCOM commitment fee.Mbawala said his Constituency is being transformed with the cooperative initiatives as people are able to relay on themselves.”We have made tremendous progress in the infrastructure development education sector, transport sector, health sector, economic empowerment of the communities and indeed paying fees for the needy secondary school students.He says his vision to transform the Constituency is on track He also hailed President Lazarus Chakwera for raising the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) from K40 to 100 million which has helped him to transformed his Constituency.

Mbawala lamented that under the CDF they have managed to construct concrete bridges at Kayimayima,Tchesa,Kame and Malaswa villagesHe further said with the use of CDF his constituency have drilled boreholes at Machira, Magora, Lisungwi and James villages.He also said they have connected fourteen villages with piped water in the areas of group village Headmen Tcheza and GomeyaMbawala also said they have constructed under five clinic and constructing of maternity wing at Dzunje and Kamiza respectively using personal money and donor fund.The legislator added that they are several development projects that are underway in some villages in the Constituency and they have constructed timber deck bridges at Nkanafisi, Khuzi, Chipungu and Changata using his personal moneyIn the 2022 -2024 fiscal budget Minister of Finance announced the increase of CDF from 40 million to 100 million.

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