By Tusekele Mwanyongo

During a meeting held by the executive team of the Malawi Police Service (MPS) Women Network on July 3, 2023, the Director of Research and Planning, Commissioner Mrs Barbra Mchenga Tsiga emphasized the importance of women network executive members acting as gender advocates and utilizing their roles effectively within the service.

Mangochi Police publicist, Inspector Amina Tepani Daudi told the Malawi Bulletin on Monday that the primary objective of the meeting was to assess the progress made by the group in the past year and strategize how best to achieve their intended goals for the advancement of the network.

Addressing the gathering, Tsiga highlighted that the platform was established to promote women empowerment, gender mainstreaming, and equality within the MPS.

She emphasized that the network plays a crucial role as a bridge between management and female police officers, particularly when addressing concerns specific to women in the service.

Mchenga-Tsiga urged the executive team to embody and uphold discipline among female officers at all times, as it is a fundamental pillar of policing.

“We cannot advance professionally if our discipline continues to decline. The executive team serves as the voice of the Inspector General, and it is our responsibility to speak out against and address any acts of indiscipline within our respective formations,” Tsiga is quoted as having said.

She also encouraged female officers to pursue further studies, highlighting the importance of keeping up with the ever-changing world.

Echoing the Commissioner’s sentiments, the chairperson of the network, Assistant Commissioner of Police Ms Jessie Nyirongo, called upon her subordinates to demonstrate strong character, fight against corruption, utilize social media as a means of communication, and refrain from behaviors that compromise police discipline.

“Discipline should be a guiding principle, and teaching us integrity. We must ensure that our appearance, including our movements, makeup, and hairstyles in uniform, reflect our personalities positively to the public,” said Nyirongo.

The chairperson also issued a stern warning that no female police officer would be exempted from consequences if found violating the Service’s Standing Orders.

The three-day meeting will cover various topics, including the sexual harassment policy. Notable senior officers in attendance include the Director of Finance, Mrs. Monica Musongole, DCP, Paypol Mrs. Mercy Kamlopa, ACP, and Central East Regional Operations Officer Ms. Modesta Jussah, along with two male champions, according to Inspector Tepani Daudi, who is also Secretary for the Malawi Police Women Network.

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