Castel Malawi has added prize money for Castel Challenge Cup district level runners up and third placed teams. .

Initially only the district champions were allocated a K750,000 prize money but now the second and third placed will walk away with K300,000 and K200,000 cheques respectively.

Castel Malawi Head of Marketing Frank Binauli said on Thursday that they saw it fit to add some incentives to the district teams to raise the excitement that is there.

“We noted that the 750,000 winning prize that was going to  winner at district level was not exciting enough considering that out of the whole district only one team will qualify for the National championship. So we want number two and three to go away with something as consolation..

“We appreciate the costs that the teams incur when they travel around to play games so they need to be recognized for their efforts for reaching  the last phases of the competition,” he said.

Meanwhile FAM has extended the registration period for the District and Regional Preliminary phase from 25th June to 16 July.

FAM Competitions Director Gomezgani said: “As you know the competition  was announced when we had already kicked off the season as such the period was not  enough to allow most teams to get prepared to join. So, we have added another two weeks for registration up to July 15 and draws in all the districts  and at Regional Level are expected to be done on 17th July. The official kickoff off will be on Saturday 22 July 2023.

” We also want to stress that Premier Divisions and Division One teams will compete in the Regional qualifiers and only district teams that do not play in Regional Leagues will play at the District level.”

Castel Challenge Cup is the country’s highest sponsored football competition to the tune of K320 Million per season, with the winner getting K50 Million while runners up will walk away with K25 Million Kwacha. Semifinalists and quarterfinalists will get K10 Million and K5 Million each respectively while those to be eliminated in the round of 16 will receive K1.5 million.

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